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Icehaven Pet Food
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by Hayley on Icehaven Pet Food

After more than 3 years of struggling (yes, struggling in JHB) to find the right food for my 4 dogs, I was blessed to find Icehaven. This food is a couple of notches above the rest for me; here are the reasons:

1. They LOVE it (I have very spoiled,fussy eaters)
2. No more sensitivities (no more vomiting or strawberry stools)
3. Their coats shine (thanks to the omegas)
4. They have healthy stools (keeping lawns clean is a pleasure)
5. They have bounds of energy (far more than ever before).
6. They look well fed (now that they love their food)
7. Formulated for all breeds (we have from Africanis to Rottweiler on our smallholding)

And the best part is, Icehaven gives you all the above plus is kind to the pocket.

I will never look back.

by Ryan Van Zyl on Icehaven Pet Food
ice haven

1 have 3 Rhodisian Ridgebacks and they love it. Keeps them strong, healthy, Shiny and happy. Ice Haven is our 1st choice

by Pro Dog Centre on Icehaven Pet Food
Icehaven Pet Food

Pro Dog Centre has stocked Icehaven Pet Food from the start. We have many happy customers on it who keep coming back to buy more. The pellets are a nice size and look so moist. The dogs and cats enjoy the taste of it. Even from our own personal experience we have seen how shiny and healthy our dogs coats look on it. We highly recommend Icehaven Pet Food as not only is it an excellent pet food but also great value for money.

by Annette Coetzee on Icehaven Pet Food
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Good Day To You🐾
I have been selling kibbles from my Durban North home base for 14years...
I use to sell a couple of different, dogfoods but since Icehaven dog and catfood have been launched i have changed over my customers to Icehaven and Rocky~
They are all happy with prices and the quality and so are their "paw children" 🐶🐱
Regards Annette Coetzee

by Yusuf on Icehaven Pet Food
Icehaven adult dog food

Top notch food, shiny coats, wet noses, Nice and healthy
Balanced meals for dogs

by Venessa laas on Icehaven Pet Food

My dogs and I absolutely love this product. The owners will go out of their way to make sure your furrbabies get their food. Thank you to The Icehaven team.

by Talmadge Wucherpfennig on Icehaven Pet Food
Icehaven Adult Rocky and Cat food

We have been feeding our animals Icehaven for about 3 months now and they could not be happier. We have 4 shepherds, and a pit bull cross and a cat. They all mess less and look much healthier. Their coats are much shinier than on the other brands we tried.

by Lloyd on Icehaven Pet Food
Adult food

The best food and quality out there at competitive pricing. All my doggies love it. Healthy. Strong. Fit. And great coat

by Marie shama on Icehaven Pet Food
Icehaven adult

Great product. Shiny coat and smaller poops!
The price is affordable. Pellet size is good.
I recommend this food to all my friends

by Darryl Spires on Icehaven Pet Food
Icehaven Adult

Duke was taken off the streets approximately 4 to 5 months ago by my Mrs sister, Charlotte. She asked myself and Melissa, my Mrs, to take him in until she could find a home for him... as if we would ever give him up. He arrived as a bag of bones with not much hair... He soon made his mark with our other 5 rescues... After a few short months with us and eating Icehaven he is looking a lot better and healthier. Your food had lots to do with our little Mr's recovery. Thank you for producing such a brilliant quality local product!

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